After being the first Fashion Week hit by the pandemic and the first to find a winning digital format, last year Shanghai Fashion Week was able to return to events in presence, thanks to a significant decrease in infections and a situation that was very reminiscent of pre-pandemic life.

The next edition of the event won’t go in the same way, according to what Vogue Business reports today: the event that was supposed to take place in March according to unofficial sources has already been postponed to April.

Shanghai Fashion Week has not officially confirmed the date change, but just a few days ago Canada Goose, that was supposed to hold an event to unveil the collaboration with Angel Chen at the Shanghai IAPM shopping mall, opted for an online launch on WeChat instead. Cartier, which had an event scheduled for January 29, also preferred to cancel it, without providing explanations.

With the cancellation of Shanghai Fashion Week and above all with the limitations for the Chinese New Year, international luxury brands fear a considerable repercussion on sales, in a region that has become increasingly fundamental for the industry.

According to the investment company Jefferies, last year 37% of luxury purchases were registered in China, a figure destined to grow in the course of 2021 (and a trend also applicable to fast fashion). However, the government restrictions do not provide for the closure of stores and large shopping malls, but only an increase in controls with scans and thermometers, and more systematic sanitation of spaces. According to insiders, the inability to travel will in any case be compensated by local and online purchases.

The decision of the Chinese government and the likely postponement of Shanghai Fashion Week, however, cast a long shadow on European Fashion Weeks, which given the current situation, are preparing for at least another two seasons totally online.

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