To create this collection, SHOOP has been inspired by the concept of transformation, whose definitive symbol is the butterfly, an insect that appears as a common thread in garments, but also in messages that proclaim “The beginning of something wonderful”.

The production company Bandiz Studio and Paty Abrahamsson as creative director have also participated in the production of the audiovisual piece that will be broadcast in streaming, and it was filmed at La Mosca in Madrid.

As for the garments, the collection consists of oversize coats and suits with openings, animal prints, technical fabrics and others such as, for example, velvet or denim, knitwear and also patchwork. Also, SHOOP collaborates with the artists X-presion Creativos (on a capsule collection that includes a series of handmade embroidered caps with hair) and Haruhito Jeans (on a capsule collection of damage denim series with japanese traditional technique, “Boro” reinterpreting beautifully deteriorated garments after 100 years.).

More information:

X-presion. Founded in 2005, X-presion is the first company worldwide dedicated exclusively to research and development in the artistic and educational fields of hairdressing. From its very beginning this creative studio, formed by 3 young entrepreneurs from Madrid (Marco Antonio Restrepo, Jorge Cáncer and Jose Luis Almendral) works on developing new cutting, colouring and dressing techniques, through a mix of different artistic disciplines, materials and concepts.

In such a short period of time X-presion has achieved to transcend beyond the boundaries of hair to all its possible forms. Their endless creativity combined with cosmetic innovation and scientific investigation let them create literal pieces of art.

Haruhito Jeans. Founded as bespoke jeans brand by Kentaro Konishi in Japan. They only produce 200 denims each year. His creation consist in making things from coversation with clients.

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