Edoardo Gallorini

Mystical and magical.  “Estasi Mediterranea” collection by Edoardo Gallorini  SS22 is of one of the most acclaimed young talents at Altaroma. The mood echoes the icons of an Old Italian Hollywood, land embodies a timeless style halfway between past and present that adapts to contemporary trends, reflecting a relaxed non-chalance of a diva on holiday, according to the idea of erotic bourgeois boredom.

Catherine Deneuve, Mariangela Melato and Tilda Swinton are the muses of the designer for the collection. The brand, born in 2019, is actually very fond of the cinematographic iconography of the beautiful country.

Alessandro Vigilante

Movement, identity and sartorial wisdom for a concept that revolves around the awareness of the female body, essential variable to shine.

Alessandro Vigilante presents at Altaroma ACT II – Body Rebirth, a collection focused on imagining new horizons for feminine sensuality, on horseback with a subtle quote to Pierre Cardin, extremely neon colors and tight silhouettes that embrace and accompany the physicality in a free dance. The result of an expertise that grew in 7 years of professional experience at large Italian fashion companies such as Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci and Philosophy, Alessandro Vigilante puts his signature on the future of women’s fashion.


A fun brand with a particular sensitivity for fabrics and sincere concepts, based on color and oversized fit with a sustainable approach. Vescovo.vescovo is the brand of Antonio Pondini, a Tuscan designer naturalized Milanese who thanks to a background in architecture can imagine structures suitable for the body without ever being too far from the reality in which he grew up. The pastel colors and the innovative materials of the SS22 collection contribute to realize the peculiarity of the brand, which also for this collection chooses a production based on deadstock and recycled materials.


The duo formed by Elbio Bonsaglio and Marta Sanchez is part of a responsible generation, attentive to the fate of the planet. Always attentive to social and environmental responsibility in the production and design processes, the brand was born from a radical idea, that of making sustainability one with a fresh and contemporary stylistic approach, cool and attentive to current trends. The collection presented at Altaroma reflects the social theme of fear, which arose naturally from the difficult period of the pandemic, and solves it with a collaboration halfway between reality and fantasy with visual artist Daniel Sparkes aka MUDCOM, who represents dream worlds for a conscious escape from reality.

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