Albright College marked its comeback at New York Fashion Week (NYFW) on Saturday, September 9th, with an eagerly awaited runway fashion show. Following the tremendous achievements of the past two years, Albright College, renowned for its nationally ranked Liberal Arts-based fashion design, merchandising, and costume design program, proudly presented the innovative designs of five graduates and one current senior on the prestigious runways of NYFW.

The show opened with Freddy Diaz‘s collection of artfully combined floral elegance and playful polka dots, including an opening look of a floral pleat neck tank top and terra cotta pleated wide-leg trousers. He introduced a charming floral tie-front top and a polka dot camp shirt with floral shorts. The standout was a timeless terra cotta wrap halter maxi dress, inspired by Diaz’s Dominican Republic heritage and New York City.

The following collection by Susie Benitez, aka “Susie Buttons,” seamlessly blended contemporary elegance and timeless charm. Her collection featured vibrant pieces like a yellow jacquard floral blouse with a dirndl skirt, a green floral halter top with capri pants, and a striking blue floral jacquard camisole top with feather-trimmed cigarette pants. The centerpiece was a floral jacquard bustier top dress with detached blouson sleeves and a full ballgown overskirt.

Next came Philadelphia native Jasmin Burton, whose collection radiated effortless style and creativity with versatile pieces, including a retro cut one-piece swimsuit layered under a lavender chiffon, ruffle-tiered negligée cover-up. Returning designer, Nicholas Kedge followed with an avant-garde collection of short dresses with cut-out details, racer front and back designs, and unique pom-pom ornamentation. His designs showcased a fusion of traditional patternmaking with hand-draped elements.

Queens native Victoria Aquino then presented grace and creativity with unique touches like a sleeveless bustier maxi dress with hand-painted and detailing. The pinnacle is reached with a high-collar trumpet-sleeve white lace wedding dress, radiating ethereal beauty. Senior Zyaire Valentine closed the show with bold textures and styles. Standout pieces like a yellow skirted ball gown with a black hologram tuxedo overcoat. The final look was a black hologram plaid taffeta coat paired with a hot pink taffeta asymmetrical ballgown, showcasing Valentine’s bold approach to design.

This remarkable event served as a testament to Albright College’s unwavering commitment to fostering emerging talent and pushing the boundaries of fashion creativity. The audience at NYFW was treated to a mesmerizing showcase of diverse perspectives, innovative designs, and groundbreaking concepts, underlining the institution’s pivotal role in shaping the future of the fashion industry.

“At Albright College, we aim to harness the transformative power of education in order to unlock the potential of all our students. Through initiatives like our NYFW fashion show, we nurture creativity, passion, and professionalism, empowering our students and graduates to become the innovative leaders of tomorrow.” – Jacquelyn Fetrow, President, Albright College.

Albright College’s presence at NYFW continues to solidify its position as a powerhouse in the fashion education landscape, where students are nurtured, challenged, and encouraged to explore their creative potential to the fullest. Albright College looks forward to its continued journey of shaping the fashion world, one innovative collection at a time. For more information and updates, please visit or follow us @AlbrightCollege. 


Albright College, nestled in Reading, PA, just 2½ hours from New York City, boasts a rich history as a manufacturing hub for the fashion industry. Its proximity to both NYC and Philadelphia positions it as an ideal place for students to explore the arts. The Fashion Design, Fashion Merchandising, and Costume Design programs, though underappreciated, are thriving. This showcase shines a spotlight on the exceptional talent graduating from Albright College, emphasizing its status as a formidable choice for fashion students and a noteworthy presence for fashion companies. A new fashion contender has arrived, and Albright College is here to make a significant impact.

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