New York

Behind the Scenes: Marcel Ostertag Fall 2018

NEW YORK FASHION WEEK / — Backstage, designer Marcel Ostertag already had everyone taking part on the blissful journey for all the senses with his new collection even before the show began. For Fall 2018, the designer is on a journey where time and fashion unite and consumption and indulgence …
New York

Libertine Fall 2018: A Closer Look

NEW YORK FASHION WEEk / — Libertine redux… Here’s a closer look at the Libertine Fall 2018 collection unveiled in New York last February. Photos by Mitchell Sams, courtesy of Libertine

Aphid Fall 2018: Rituals

LONDON FASHION WEEK / — A musing on the concept of ritual, the Aphid Autumn / Winter 2018-19 collection explores the notion of formal dressing and dressing for ceremony, the traditions for men & women, nostalgia and the definition of “dressing up” in a contemporary setting. Having researched the ceremonial …
New York

Negris LeBrum Fall 2018: Black to Basic

NEW YORK FASHION WEEK / — Negris LeBrum, Houston (U.S.), launched its Fall/Winter 2018 on Sunday February 11th at the famous Original Adidas venue which is now 393 NYC. This season the brand’s Black to Basic collection represented the rebirth of Negris LeBrum. The foundation of the brand has always …

Zizi Donohoe Fall 2018: Hotel Zizi

LONDON FASHION WEEK — Zizi Donohoe continues to expand the Old Hollywood Glamour narrative that has become the central essence of the brand. With her Autumn / Winter 2018 collection “Hotel Zizi” she induces this languid LA decadence with the fabulous gilded excess of the women of Dynasty. Shown in …
New York

Li-Ning Fall 2018: Big Apple Debut

NEW YORK FASHION WEEK / — Marking its debut on the international fashion circuit, the Chinese sports pioneer Li-Ning unveils its Fall/Winter 2018 collection as part of New York Fashion Week:Men’s. The Council of Fashion Designers of America invited the iconic sports brand to show on February 7, 2018 during …
New York

Wildfräulein71 Fall 2018: Energy & Form

NEW YORK FASHION WEEK / — Japanese brand WILDFRÄULEIN71 put forward a unisex collection inspired by the strong but transient beauty of a woman with a courageous man by her side. Designer Roop Shimura brought a more artisanal feel to the collective show, looking into the conceptual relationship between energy …
New York

Melissa Yin Fall 2018: Nine to Five

NEW YORK FASHION WEEK / — Vancouver designer Melissa Yin showcased flattering cuts with her leather-based brand, presenting ‘Nine to Five’- a collection of fashion forward pieces to take you from day to night. Bright lipstick red leather was contrasted with cream and black shades in fitted silhouettes. An elegant …

Quoï Alexander Fall 2018: Fashion Without Sewing

PARIS FASHION WEEK/ — Quoï Alexander Autumn/Winter 2018/19 is a continued exploration on how clothing manifests without sewing, a tradition more than 20,000 years old. His purpose is to go back to a time before sewing. To allow the evolution of new construction techniques to affect the designs. Throughout history, …