New York

Landlord Spring 2019: The Cartoon Network

Even before I saw the press notes, my gut reaction when the first model came out with gooey stuff all over his face and hair was that it was like a cartoon character was turned into a human on the runway. As it came to pass, Landlord’s creative director Ryohei …
New York

Victor Li Spring 2019: The Prepster

Arguably the breakout star of the Spring/Summer 2019 New York Menswear season, Victor Li proposes refined silhouettes that are sharply tailored yet softly drapes on the body. A graduate of Parsons School of Design, Li’s debut collection “features two patterns created from illustrations of the designers’ faces, hand drawn by …
New York

Carlos Campos Spring 2019: Bold, Bright and Beautiful

Bold, bright and beautiful… these adjectives are not usually used to describe a menswear collection, yet designer Carlos Campos easily gathered this three B’s for his Spring 2019 collection. “I continue return to the heritage and DNA of my brand: expert hand tailoring with the clean, architectural lines and silhouettes …
New York

David Hart Spring 2019: That Seventies Show #NYMD

The press notes said that the Spring ’19 collection was inspired by the Watergate scandal, yet my first thoughts when I saw the collection was Saturday Night Fever and immediately pictured John Travolta in the suits with its oversized 1970s proportions and bright color palette. Perhaps its because Richard Nixon …
New York

Krammer & Stoudt Spring 2019: “8 Days in Japan” #NYMD

Walking inside the room housing the Krammer & Stoudt Spring 2019 collection at New York Men’s Day #NYMD Creative Drive venue at 55 Water Street, the first thing you notice aside from the models, of course is the wall that digitally displays the work of Japanese artist Hokusai. With the …
New York

Behind the Scenes: Marcel Ostertag Fall 2018

NEW YORK FASHION WEEK / — Backstage, designer Marcel Ostertag already had everyone taking part on the blissful journey for all the senses with his new collection even before the show began. For Fall 2018, the designer is on a journey where time and fashion unite and consumption and indulgence …
New York

Libertine Fall 2018: A Closer Look

NEW YORK FASHION WEEk / — Libertine redux… Here’s a closer look at the Libertine Fall 2018 collection unveiled in New York last February. Photos by Mitchell Sams, courtesy of Libertine

Aphid Fall 2018: Rituals

LONDON FASHION WEEK / — A musing on the concept of ritual, the Aphid Autumn / Winter 2018-19 collection explores the notion of formal dressing and dressing for ceremony, the traditions for men & women, nostalgia and the definition of “dressing up” in a contemporary setting. Having researched the ceremonial …
New York

Negris LeBrum Fall 2018: Black to Basic

NEW YORK FASHION WEEK / — Negris LeBrum, Houston (U.S.), launched its Fall/Winter 2018 on Sunday February 11th at the famous Original Adidas venue which is now 393 NYC. This season the brand’s Black to Basic collection represented the rebirth of Negris LeBrum. The foundation of the brand has always …