Levis ad campaignLOS ANGELES, Jan 3, 2002 — The Levi’s(R) brand, in a campaign starting Monday, January 7th and lasting until January 27, will let the public decide which new ad will run during Super Bowl XXXVI.

Levi’s® SuperVote marks the first time in advertising history that the public will preview and choose a brand’s commercial to air during the most watched televised event of the year.

Two never before seen ads, “Crazy Legs” and “Up & Down” will be among the three choices, as will “Bull,” one of the most successful spots in the brand’s recent history. Each ad will be shown on the SuperVote micro-site in its :30 entirety. The winning commercial will be aired during the second quarter of the big game. Voters will also have the opportunity to enter a special drawing to win Levi’s® products.

Up and Down ad by Levi’s