Pink Tartan Fall 2009
Pink Tartan Fall 2009

LOS ANGELES, May 10, 2005 / FW/ — Kimberly Mimran, designing under the label Pink Tartan wants her ladies to feel good and look good, so for Fall 2005, she proposes jacquard, camel, silk and fur as additions to their wardrobe.

The three-year old label, which, by the way is already being sold at Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom nationwide, plus specialty boutiques that include Stanley Korshak in Dallas, continue to gain a following among those who want sophistication and timeless elegance.

Obliging the ladies, Kimberly Mimram created chocolate twill skirts, golden jacquard articulated jackets, camel aviator coats and satin ruffle dresses that transcend trends.

Rather, every piece of garment can be added to one’s existing wardrobe to update, then mixed and matched.

Take the smoking jacket and smoking pants ensemble for example. It can be worn as is, or worn with different color blouses for a different look.

Beautiful as the collection is, it’s the sartorial details that stand out. Buttons, Chinese-inspired clasps, sequin trims and bows give it an old world feel to the very contemporary collection.

With a very neutral color palette of white, beige, gray and black, with splashes of color such as olive green, cobalt blue and pink for drama, it will be very hard to go wrong in a collection such as this one.

Photos courtesy of Pink Tartan