BARCELONA, Apr 10, 2009  UPATED FEB 10, 2010/ FW/ — Born in Galicia in 1984, Manuel Bolano studied fashion at the Felicidad Duce School of Design and Fashion. After a period working with the Mango design team, Manuel Bolaño was chosen to take part in the Murcia Open Fashion Show.

Manuel Bolano on the runway Fall 2010, Barcelona
Manuel Bolano on the runway Fall 2010, Barcelona

He has also won awards at the 2007 edition of Bread & Butter, the Madrid Young Creators Contest and the Noovo Festival in Santiago de Compostela. He is participating in the first edition of the Bressol Project for young designers and has been selected for the second time to present his own collection at 080 Barcelona Fashion.


Photo by Biel Sol


Manuel Bolano

C/ Lluís Companys, 57 bis, soterrani 1r.
08032 Barcelona, Catalonia
Tel +34 679 63 08 07

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