MILAN, Jan 19, 2006 (Updated May 14, 2009) / FW/ — Established in Milan in the late 1980s, Fujiwara Design Studio was the brainchild of Giuliano Fujiwara, of his lucid perception of the potential of blending Japan and Italy, their design and manufacturing traditions, on the somewhat testing ground of menswear.

Masaka Matsumura for Giuliano Fujiwara (May 2009)
Masaka Matsumura for Giuliano Fujiwara (May 2009)

A confluence that crystallized into a powerful, graphic concept. Targeting a refined, niche audience, Giuliano Fujiwara’s collection was always pure. Distilled. At the designer’s death, his wife Kyomi Fujiwara took over to ensure solidity and continuity to the project.

In 2005, Giuliano Fujiwara was incorporated as a brand by STEADFAST, a Japanese company engaged in activities outside the fashion business, but with a growing interest in the area. The new partner’s entry has coincided with the brand’s relaunch and global updating.

Once more, Kiyomi Fujiwara acts as figure ensuring continuity through change, while design matters are put under the care of twenty-five year old, Japan-born, Swiss- and British-educated Masataka Matsumura. A long-time committed follower of Giuliano Fujiwara’s work, Masataka Matsumura has also been the main driving force behind the new visibility and global updating plan.

While still faithful to the original concept of a blend of Japanese design and Italian manufacturing, the relaunch has also involved a dramatic, uncompromising turn to modernity, striving for an idea of luxury that would not be confined to mere formalism, but rather entail a resolute quest for perfection and creativity in detail and finishing. Important ongoing collaborations with upmarket companies like Borsalino and Loro Piana testify to the high profile of this work-in-progress.

The design studio still retains its Milan location. Masaka Matsumura commutes between Tokyo and Italy, where most of the production is carried out, by those very laboratories and technical staff that Giuliano Fujiwara had employed in the first place. Some specific items, such as denims, shall instead be manufactured in Japan.

As part of the relaunch, a whole new world is being built around the brand. A flagship boutique is under construction in Tokyo, in the Aoyama area. Agreements for manufacture under licence are already operative with Optical Design and Calzaturificio Vigens, for an eyewear and a footwear line, respectively. A small-scale series of black diamond and silver jewellery is being manufactured in Japan, and another one in Italy. Future prospects also include clothing and accessories in limited series for exclusive sale in our flagship store.


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