Georges Chakra Haute Couture Spring 2006
Georges Chakra Haute Couture Spring 2006

PARIS, Feb 1, 2006/ FW/ — He might be perpetually showing off calendar, but Georges Charkas’ design aesthetics and tailoring techniques definitely belong to the lofty fashion space called haute couture.

Even before he debuted in Paris during the Fall 2002 haute couture season, Georges Charkas already has a big following in his home city of Beirut, employing more than 60 permanent workers in his atelier.

And for Spring 2006, his atelier was definitely busy to create this black and white symphony interspersed with terracotta and warm hues of gold and yellow punctuating the collection.

Like women, the collection is multi-faceted, with frocked coats on knickers with spangles, snug fitting jackets that curved from the waist all the way to the hips, and tiny accordion pleats cascading gracefully from a deep V neckline that reached all the way to the navel.

It’s a new exercise on glamour and sensuality, wherein women can be as sexy as she wants to be, or as demure as a young debutante. It’s not about being strong or making a fashion statement.

It’s simply about a woman, who is comfortable with her femininity and in some ways, the quintessential female of the song, “I Love Being A Girl.”

Silhouettes are slim, the pants high-waisted hugging the hips, but the legs are generously cut for comfort and ease of movement.

The Georges Charka woman values her individuality, yet she is also a member of the pack and she is at ease with that. She can make heads turn but not egocentric. She is sophisticated yet still has that girlish charm.

In short, she is complex but in a lot of ways, she is also very easy to please and always has a ready smile. And truth to be told, how can she not smile if she is wearing Georges Charkas?

Photos by courtesy of Georges Chakra

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