debra_rodmanF0601LOS ANGELES, Mar 25, 2006/ FW/ — Believing that ‘feminine beauty should sacrifice nothing,’ Debra Rodman launched her second career as a fashion designer after years of being a writer and poet.

Designing clothes is a very different creative endeavor compared to poetry, yet Rodman does it with élan. The collection is made for women who are unapologetic in their joie de vivre and passionate in creating their own personal sense of style.

Rodman, who hopes that the collection speaks all that she has learned: ‘that style enhances strength and that fashion exists to liberate,’ focuses on the NYC girl who lives and plays in Nolita with a style that is flirty, yet feminine and a little edge of rock & roll.

This imaginary muse is at the center of the Debra Rodman collection and has enthused chiffon girlie dresses named after the cities in which they were inspired — New York, Paris, London, and Rome. Each season, Rodman will add a new girlie dress to her collection with a different city in mind. Up next are Rio de Janeiro and Ibiza.

Rodman, who is a New York native, grew up as a citizen of the world, spending her development years in Rio de Janiero, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Geneva, London, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York.

debra_rodmanF0602Hence, naming the dresses after cities around the globe is logical, even nostalgic for the designer/writer who came of age during the 1970s and has held true to the principles of the decade that embraced ‘freedom of choice’ and that includes where you want to live.

Already in its second year, the Debra Rodman collection was launched in Spring 2005, an expansion to ready-to-wear by the New York-based designer who also created the highly popular Yogini collection.

The Debra Rodman label might be relatively new in fashion, but it has become a favorite among the celebrity set. Laura Prepon, Nicole Kidman, Rashida Jones and Scarlett Johansson had been seen sporting a Debra Rodman creation.

Members of both the Red Hot Chili Peppers and the Beastie Boys have dropped into the boutique on several occasions to purchase dresses for their girlfriends!

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Photos by MARI DAVIS