Jean Paul Cauvin and Julien Fournie
Jean Paul Cauvin and Julien Fournie

PARIS, Sep 30, 2006/ FW/ — You asked for it, you got it! Back by popular demand, Jean Paul Cauvin and Julien Fournie will once again grace the pages of FashionWindows, this time tackling their hometown, the City of Lights.

Debuting during the New York Spring 2006 season as guest correspondents for FashionWindows, these dynamic Frenchmen found themselves inundated with emails asking when they will come back writing blogs and drawing original illustrations. Skipping New York for two seasons due to their busy schedule, they decided that its time that they look at their own stomping grounds

“Paris is our home and it will be great to see Fashion Week from a blogger’s point of view,” said Jean Paul Cauvin. Proud of his French heritage to the nth degree, Cauvin also sees fashion with an analytical eye. “As a Frenchman, I see Paris as the center of the fashion universe.

Still with a global economy and the world fast becoming a global village because of the internet, I want to observe the Paris fashion scene from a neutral point of view.” “That way, I can examine and explore, even answer some questions such as ‘Is my beloved France also moving into the 21st century fast enough to continue spearheading the ever changing world of fashion?” Cauvin added.

If Jean Paul Cauvin is logical and methodical, Julien Fournié is all about creativity and being able to bring the Paris fashion scene through the eye of an artist.

“I believe that commercial viability and artistry should go hand in hand when it comes to fashion,” said Fournié. “Attending the New York fashion season, I understand now more clearly why American designers create collections that are easy-to-wear based on a certain target market.”

“From my own experience, French designers create collections based on artistry and innovation. Through my illustrations, I want to give the readers a bird’s eye view of the creative process that makes Paris the breeding ground of talents like Yves Saint Laurent, Jean Paul Gaultier and Christian Lacroix,” Fournié continued. “

And, in some capacity, I also would like to show the readers why world class talents like Yohji Yamamoto, Rae Kawabuko and Vivienne Westwood chose Paris as the venue to unveil their collections. It’s a tall order, I know; but if I don’t try, then I won’t know if it can be done,” Fournié added with a smile.