Minx Nails
Minx Nails

LOS ANGELES, Jan 17, 2008 / FW/ — Beautiful nails is part of the total beauty look. That’s why during fashion week, all models get a manicure and pedicure as part of the ‘preparation’ for a runway show, the same that their hair and make up are done.

For everyday women, a manicure and pedicure is part of their beauty routine. The same way that they have regular schedules to go get their hair done, they visit nail salons regularly. But, since the advent of fake nails, no new nail product has made a splash until Minx nails, a solid nail coating that never chip, never smudge and require no drying.

Made of flexible film, Minx finally gives women the freedom to do what they want without worrying about chipping their nails and ruining their manicure. Sparkly metallics, personalized graphics and photo-quality designs that are currently unavailable in the market are now being offered by Minx.

In addition, women can completely ‘customize’ their nails that feature the exact pattern and colors of their newest gown, their favorite photo, or the season’s hottest designs.

Like most inventions, Minx was developed out of necessity. Janice, who is a graphic artist, was frustrated with wearing down her nails while working in her vehicle graphics business. After six months of product development Janice partnered with Dawn, an expert in the salon industry.

The two tested the product in the market and found 100% of the salons they approached were interested, tried Minx, and wanted more. Because of the uniqueness of the product word soon spread and demand for the product is high. It was time to expand, so Janice and Dawn approached Lisa Delpy Neirotti, PhD, a business professor at George Washington University. With Dr. Neirotti in the team, Minx set up the manufacturing and distribution infrastructure.

Currently available at Lulu’s by Travis Parker, an exclusive nail boutique in San Diego and Ms. Dainty Mobile Spa and Nail Lounge in Washington D.C., Minx is fast becoming a favorite among the fashionista crowd for luxury nail treatments.

To find out where Minx is being carried in your area, or which nail salons are offering it as part of their services, please log on: http://www.minxnails.com/

Photo courtesy of Minx Nails

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