Adidas Originals Diesel
Adidas Originals Diesel

NEW YORK, Feb 5, 2008 / FW/ — No longer just a sports company, adidas just added another name on its high-street fashion lines with the addition of adidas Originals by Diesel, a collectible line of extremely detailed denim for true aficionados, designed together by the adidas Originals and Diesel creative teams.

Spring / Summer 2008, the first denim collection under the label is now available at the adidas Originals store in New York, was feted with gala party with live performances by DJ Chromeo, and Glass Candy just before the start of the New York Fall 2008 season wherein Y-3 and Diesel are also unveiling their latest collections.

The unconditional approach to individuality and expression shared by both brands is presented in the first Originals Denim by Diesel below-the-line campaign to celebrate both authenticity and originality.

The general concept behind the different campaign executions is the expression of “83 original ways to successfully waste your time.” It presents playful, inspiring ways to celebrate originality by encouraging open and uninhibited self-expression. 83 inspirations will serve as an invitation for the public to share their ideas inside adidas Originals stores, online and at different events.

The Spring/Summer Originals Denim by Diesel range includes two male and two female models presented in four different washes, available exclusively at adidas Originals stores around the world, beginning February 2008.

Prices range from $160 for the female adi-rohnary model up to $210 for the male adi-viker model. Representing this long-term partnership, the range is branded by both the adidas Originals Trefoil and the Diesel logo.