DALLAS, Apr 18, 2008 / FW/ — Ennio Capasa is proving to be a technophile. Aside from putting a blog at Costume National and CNC Costume National websites, he also maintains his own personal blog at blog.enniocapasa.com

Ennio Capasa Blog
Ennio Capasa Blog

Written in Italian and English, the blog by Ennio Capasa consists of two categories – Inspiration and Creations.

Posted on Mar 17, 2008, Ennio Capasa wrote:

I have imagined a space.

A place in which to take note of hints and ideas and share them with other creative people.

A new way of exchanging opinions and expressing doubts about fashion, design and future

A project board where more and more hands and minds can give vent to their own imagination and inspiration.

My blog is all this.

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