Store Window in Andorra
Store Window in Andorra

By: Marsha Bentley Hale
Photos by Marsha Bentley Hale

Taking time to cruise the avenues of Andorra La Vella on foot, clothing boutiques of every kind are to be found, from fun youthful fashion to sophisticated designer wear.

Some of the more liberal window displays present mannequins with bright pink hair or long dreadlocks. Their children mannequins are cartoon-like.

Many stores have limited window space trying to grab your attention using figures with a punk rock edge. With hiking and skiing are major pastimes in Andorra, sports clothing and equipment stores are plentiful.

The trend of the chalk-white or pale beige mannequins with sculpted hair is seen in Andorra as in Barcelona and Paris. This plastic population is multiplying.

Headless mannequins are still in many windows though the trend is less. Boutiques such as Rosa Clara, which specialize in gowns, continue to use figures, which have the feel of dress forms.

From: Andorra: Shangri-La in the Pyrenees