Blaak Homme Spring 2009
Blaak Homme Spring 2009

PARIS, Jun 27, 2008 / FW/ — Considered edgy by fashionistas, Blaak Homme presented a collection that make you think. Intellectual dressing had never been very popular with the mainstream fashion followers, but with the changing views of fashion, perhaps, its time has come.

Cristofoli PR pulled off an edgy, entertaining show for Blaak Homme that started with the sounds of bells, birds, and whistles- creating an outdoor feeling. The men modeled, like we have been seeing a lot, longer suit jackets with shorter, ankle-length pants. The color palette started with cool navy, grey, and white tones, but quickly progressed to more earthy tans and browns.

Blaak Homme introduced some random, exposed zipper detailing on the pants in a way that accentuated the line of the leg but had no purpose. We also saw hook and eye and eyelet detailing on the side leg of pants, accentuating further the femininity of these summer suits.

The use of patchwork denim was particularly unexpected, and perhaps a bit out of context. Blaak Homme brought the waistline up, a fresh idea that we prefer over the low waisted trouser. The show progressed into somewhat 1980s inspired silhouettes, which also emphasized the trend towards feminine men’s wear.

Blaak Homme created interesting lace suits with skinny pants and longer jackets, and layered sheer black polka-dotted suits and white underneath. Contrasting the start of the show, a shocking pink, silk zut suit is what the audience was left pondering as the lights went down.


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