Andreallosa Spring 2010MADRID, Oct 18, 2009 / FW/ — Peruvian-born Andrea Llosa took inspiration from her country’s history with her Spring 2010 collection that featured urban garments with hand-crafted touches and geometric lines in cuts with organic details.

Trying to re-interpret through fashion the syncretistic expression of Andean resistance against Spanish conquest, Llosa investigated two Peruvian pagan elements, the yawarfiesta and the dance of scissors, both of which were reactions to the Spanish conquest, the first one was political and the latter religious.

Hence, amidst the modernity like the fiberglass sunglasses that could either be the condor or the bull both of which are part of the yawarfiesta legend, and the fiberglass necklaces, the “beads” were shaped like fangs are reminiscent of the “dance of the scissors.”

Translated into 21st century shapes, the symbology was not baleful or threatening. And with fabrics like pima cotton, 100% silk, viscose, with touches like embroidery, hand-made fabrics in crochet and applications that make the garments urban with a touch of distinction, it is actually cheerful.