Harry Ibrahim
Harry Ibrahim

JAKARTA, Aug 23, 2008 / FW/ — For a fashion journalist, reviewing a designer for the first time is always tricky because there is no baseline that has been established. If the designer is in a group show, the job becomes harder because the vision of the designers also have to be judged based on the theme of the show.

On the ‘Modern’ catwalk at Jakarta Fashion Week, Malik Moestaram, Ninik Darmawan, Putu Aliki and Taruna K Kusmayadi shared the runway to present their proposal for the modern Indonesian woman.

From daywear to eveningwear to high concept wherein the materials used ranged from solids to ethnic including the world famous Indonesian batik, designers ‘dressed’ a wide variety of women.

A ‘combined’ catwalk show is double-edged. It can make a statement, but that same statement can easily be lost.

For Jakarta Fashion Week, because this is the freshman season, a lot can be forgiven. But reviewers will not so lenient next season.

The Festival Mode Indonesia – Jakarta Fashion Week 2008 (FMI – JFW 2008) is being held at the Pacific Palace in Indonesia from Aug 20 – 23, 2008.

Photos by Lisa Maree Williams/image.net