Prada Menswear Spring 2010
Prada Menswear Spring 2010

MILAN, Jun 23, 2009 / FW/ — Way back during the 1990s, when the internet was very young, and browsers were just beginning to show colors, webmasters (that is the title given to the person who runs the website) used to celebrate a “ gray day” i.e. all web pages will revert to the “old days” when default background was gray.

I had forgotten the reason why a “gray day” was observed. All I remember was that it was the heady days of web development where innovations and groundbreaking applications are the order of the day.

Seeing this all gray collection reminded me of those days, especially that this is a collection by Miuccia Prada who had “dressed” the geeks of Silicon Valley at least on her catwalk. And though this collection is not even nerd adjacent, the excitement of a groundbreaking application (translate application to men’s clothing please) makes one shiver.

While everyone in Milan has been on the “travel” mode, Miuccia Prada chose “work” and dressed these young men in gray suits. Double-breasted or two-button suits are the “new” uniform of the workforce.

Ties are optional and knitted vests can make up for it. Meshed tees make the look ultra-modern, and the rakish hat just completes the look.


Milano Moda Uomo Spring 2010