The Painted Veil inspired Thuy's Spring 2009 collection
The Painted Veil inspired Thuy's Spring 2009 collection

DALLAS, Aug 21, 2008/ FW/ — Signing her third collection for her eponymous line, Thuy Diep was inspired by Kitty Garstin Fane of ‘The Painted Veil’ who was brought to life on the silver screen by two classic beauties – Greta Garbo in the 1934 film and Naomi Watts in 2008 release.

Re-imagining the fictional Kitty Fane as today’s contemporary woman pursuing a modern perspective, Thuy created a new fashion definition – the Chic Pragmatist.

A story of counterpoints, where Thuy brilliantly uses fabrics, colors and craftsmanship to create interplay between contrasting – yet harmonious – qualities, the pitting of matte vs. sheen, fluid vs. structured and natural vs. techno-synthetic pushes forward modernity without being predictable.

The color palette combines monochromatic and graphic neutrals, translucent pastels and punchy accents in jewel tones of poppy red and bright teal green.  Handcrafted detailing, asymmetry and trompe-l’œil drapery find their way into individual pieces and become thematic throughout the collection.


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