Amaya Arzuaga Spring 2009
Amaya Arzuaga Spring 2009

MADRID, Sep 17, 2008 / FW/ — It’s been awhile since FashionWindows had covered Amaya Arzuaga. From her traditional silhouettes on knitwear, she had turned avant-garde in this collection as she used fiber optic threads and huge bows as adornments.

Playing on volume with the use of huge bows (ah-gain), Arzuaga used stiffened pieces to create tailored silhouettes to give the bows a focal point and center.

With white, flesh, plum, blue and black as the main color palette, Amaya Arzuaga is within the color trends. But somehow, other than the colors, nothing in the collection gelled, which is truly disappointing because we have seen the Spanish designer create great and unforgettable collections.

It was one adornment too many. Either the bow or the fiber optic threads could have carried the theme alone. Put them together and it was too much, thus instead of making the collection thematic and directional, it just fell apart at the seams, figuratively speaking of course.

It’s not to say that the clothes are not pretty. Taken separately, they actually very beautiful and red carpet worthy at times. But, as already have been mentioned earlier, it could have used some editing and more focus on either the bows or the fiber optics, but not both.

Photos courtesy of Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week

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