Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week
Sep 15 – 19, 2008

MADRID, Sep 17, 2008 / FW/ — Now on its third day, the newly revamped Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week is living up to its promise. An additional catwalk that actually tripled the space compared to the previous seasons and the incorporation of El Ego, the forum for promoting young designers had been incorporated to the main event resulted to more shows.

Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week
Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week

Organized by IFEMA, and celebrating its 48th season, the Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week aims to consolidate Madrid’s role as the center of Spanish design and Spanish fashion, also a promotional vehicle for the “made in Spain” brand.

From last season’s 5,400 square meters for the venue, the Spring 2009 season boasts of 14,000 square meters. With the two catwalks – ‘Cibeles’ and ‘Neptuno’ offering different technical characteristics in terms of design, lighting and seating, every show can be as individualistic as the producer wants it to be.

This new approach also enabled each designer to develop his or her creative ideas with regard to staging and introduce elements in each fashion parade that help to project a more creative and personal appeal.

Sala Cibeles presents a neutral and glamorous forum featuring a height of 30 centimetres and width of 2.40 metres, whilst Sala Neptuno would be more subdued and cutting-edge, being designed at floor level and featuring a width of six metres, with the possibility of a “U-shaped” design. Both offer a capacity for 600 persons.

Over a period of five days, some 52 designers will present their collections at 40 fashion parades, offering the most comprehensive overview of the world of fashion creation in Spain.


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