dsc_6768.jpgMILAN, Sep 24, 2008 / FW/ — Crumpled parachute-like fabric cut to reveal the woman’s figure came in black, gold and the neutral palettes of beige and brown.

Separates were composed of a pencil skirt and midriff baring bikini tops or brief jackets that are cut so short, you can actually see the skin between the skirt and the top. For play, Miuccia Prada proposes conquistador style shorts with an oversized peplum that could actually pass as part of a skirt. And for evening, it’s the gilded sheath dresses with drawstrings at the hem.

Miuccia Prada rules the runway, Milan and also the fashion world. She does not follow trends; she’s the trend maker. And this collection is destined to be like the others before it – sell like hotcakes when they reach store shelves.

And the accessories – the simple leather clutch will be all the rage. It is beautiful in its simplicity. As for the shoes, they might be as high as skyscrapers (a model actually fell during the runway show while wearing those shoes), they will still sell, it is Prada we are talking about here.

Speaking of shoes, guess what the models are walking on – FISH! Drawings of fish, lots of them, thick as the salmon when they swim upstream during mating season decorated the runway.

Why are there fishes on the runway? No one seems to know, though I could hazard a guess. Back in August, the Vatican newspaper L’Osservatore Romano, refuted that “the bright red loafers that Pope Benedict XVI wears are not designed by Prada,” as has long been rumored.

What’s the connection between this news and the fishes on the runway?

In the Christian religion, Jesus is also regarded as a fisherman. The Pope is the Vicar of Christ on earth, thus he is also considered a ‘fisherman.’ So, are the fishes Miuccia Prada’s tongue-in-cheek answer to the L’Osservatore Romano’s article? Maybe.

Remember, we are talking about Italy wherein religion and fashion, no matter how strange it sounds are actually intertwined.

[LISA HELM with additional reporting by SARA CONDE]
Photos by Lisa Helm

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