Oscar Leon Spring 2009
Oscar Leon Spring 2009

PARIS, Oct 2, 2008 / FW / — With the intriguing title, “Trash Lifestyle”, Oscarleon aspires to be a reflection of childhood problems in Cambodia. Abuse of power, silence and impunity have, for decades, been the main facets of Cambodian society.

This clear absence of democracy and social justice in many areas serves as an ally for foreign pedophiles and leaves thousand of children’s lives without protection or direction. The severe poverty suffered by many families leads to children being abandoned, many of which fall into pedophile rings and end up as child laborers or as rubbish heap scavengers to survive, enduring all kinds of respiratory, skin and eye problems as a result.

“Trash lifestyle” is a conceptual set-up based on the problems of thousands of child scrap heap scavengers. It portrays the conflict between clean and dirty, between clean air and polluted air, etc. Part of the profits produced by the sales of this collection will be donated to a Global Humanitarian’s investigation and denounce program, among other projects, helping asylums where the children are given shelter, food, education and health care.

Oscar Leon has always attempted to build a parallel universe to that which is targeted at the mass market. He has constructed his own world with this goal in mind, far from the stereotypes, for the woman who does not feel the need to follow the conventional fashion rules and who believes in something beyond fashion purely for fashion’s sake.

The OSCARLEON client is looking to express herself through what she wears which may sometimes provoke highly conflicting responses and emotions, thus reflecting the contradiction under which the world is currently living.

That is not, however, to forget the tiny nugget of a little girl’s innocence, excitement and fear that remains inside every grown woman, which she is still able to feel in modern society where most women inevitably feel pulled towards the mass market role models of beauty and perfection as dictated to us by the big brands.

The OSCARLEON label aspires to provide an alternative where women may decide their own fashion and their own role in which they can feel comfortable, special, mysterious, different and attractive.

Europa 21, 7º 1ª
08028 Barcelona – Spain
Tel: +34 934 306 451/+34 650 018 116
Email: info@oscarleon.com
Website: www.oscarleon.com

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