Spanish Fragrances
Spanish Fragrances

DALLAS, Nov 26, 2007 / FW/ — Between Hollywood heartthrobs Antonio Banderas and Javier Bardem, sisters Penelope Cruz and Monica, Americans have fallen in love with Spain.

Straight from the rich cultural heritage of Spain – one that heralds the quirkiness of a Pedro Almodovar film and the irresistible charms of Penelope Cruz — a new selection of exhilarating fragrances from Spanish fashion houses Mandarina Duck, TOUS, J. Del Pozo and Roberto Verino is fast becoming the “in” scent for the season.

Shoppers are sure to discover a newly found form of self-expression – one that takes cues from the sensual steps of an Andalusian flamenco or the spicy aroma of an alluring tapas.

Call it Spanish soul, as their wildest dreams become inspired with their individual sense of style. Just as image-conscious shoppers add accessories to their wardrobes, style aficionados require a scent to cast a specific mood, to add zest to a unique fashion look or to stand out at a special occasion.

Clockwise from Left: Mandarina Man $58.00, Tous Man $51.00, Del Pozo $54.00, Mandarina Cute Pink $58.00, Roberto Verino $54.00, Tous Woman $60.00

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