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Live Luggage

LONDON, Dec 31, 2008 / FW/ — At 700 British pounds for one, Live Luggage might be a bit on the expensive side for the fashionista who had turned into a frugalista during this dire economic time. But, if fashionistas you know is a stylista, Live Luggage is a lifesaver especially with the upcoming Fall 2009 fashion season.

As most fashion journos, now called stylistas know, the Fall fashion season is always hectic because it is compressed because menswear and womenswear shows are held one after the other. Case in point, the upcoming Milano Moda Uomo is immediately followed by Paris Menswear and Paris Haute Couture season.

After Paris, within one week, the fashion front moves to New York, then London, back to Milan and finally Paris again as the culmination of women’s ready-to-wear. Since most stylistas travel on their own with very few of them actually assigned a chauffeur, they actually have to carry their own luggage!

Enter Live Luggage PA Series Suitcase. It takes the strain out of your journey with power assisted features that help make luggage feel almost weightless, and also provides strong security and free baggage tracking.

The PA Series Suitcase has an innovative, extendable “Anti Gravity” handle that pivots away from the case. This is fully adjustable and ensures that – no matter how tall you are – 85% of the luggage weight is balanced over the suitcase wheels. On smooth, level surfaces like airport concourses, this means that minimal effort is required to pull the case and it won’t scuff your heels.

For more challenging conditions, like going uphill or across rougher surfaces, power is applied through strong and reliable “Pancake Motors” built into each wheel. Thanks to sensors in the Anti Gravity handle and an intelligent torque control system, the suitcase provides exactly the right amount of power to compensate the wheels in any situation. This means that your PA Series Suitcase should still feel equally light when going up inclines or over bumpy ground, and can even keep up if you need to run.

The wheels are powered by a rechargeable 12v NiMH (Nickel Metal hydride) battery that’s as small as a mobile phone. Because the suitcase knows how much power is needed in any situation, it can provide exactly that and no more, making it highly efficient and enabling a distance range of as much as 1.5 miles.

Batteries can be recharged overnight and there is space to store a spare for those really long journeys. Plus, if you’re caught without power, you can simply disable the motors for a suitcase that’s still easier to pull than traditional designs.

Plus, included free with every case is Live Locator, a free luggage tracking service. Every PA Series Suitcase is tagged with a unique, laser etched serial number. In the event of it going astray, a text message and email can be sent to you with the details of its location. It even comes with a built-in umbrella to ensure you don’t get caught out by the rain!

If you’re a frequent traveler who needs less stress and absolutely can’t afford to lose baggage, or if you simply don’t want to risk injury with heavy bags, the Live Luggage PA Series Suitcase may be just the touch of luxury you’re looking for.

Live Luggage is designed and manufactured in the UK. For more information please visit