Bernhard Willhelm Fall 2009
Bernhard Willhelm Fall 2009

PARIS, Mar 7, 2009 / FW/ — Inspired by laundry day and the old-fashioned clothesline where we hang our clothes to dry, Bernhard Willhelm created silhouettes that are surprisingly wearable even with the signature wackiness usually associated with the German designer.

“I just created silhouettes for winter,” Bernhard Willhelm told FW when asked if he specifically made this collection wearable. Reacting as if the question was a personal affront to his creativity, Bernhard Willhelm added, “It’s about someone who does laundry and does not follow care instructions, mixing colored clothes with whites, thus you see colors running.”

As madcap as ever, the Bernhard Willhelm Fall 2009 collection still demonstrates the designer’s off the wall attitude towards fashion, which by the way is the reason why his fans hold him dear to their hearts, yours truly included.

Used to a Bernhard Willhelm collection that makes me think where someone will wear it, the Fall 2009 pieces unveiled Friday are actually wearable! The caftans are fine examples of clothes that are off the wall but wearable.

Photos by Thomas Barnes

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