Devota & Lomba Fall 2009
Devota & Lomba Fall 2009

MADRID, Mar 1, 2009 / FW/ — A high concept show, Devota & Lomba specifically dissociated between materials and texture to reveal a certain schizophrenia, in which the boundary of the classical and the new becomes blurred.

Details seek affection and closeness within a cold context of free volumes and geometrical cuts. Basic fabrics are silk /organza, satin, georgette/laminated wool, burnt cottons, shine-matt brocades, furs, etc.
Serene colours range from pale greens to greys and black, including adulterated purples.

Debuting at the Pasarela Cibeles in Madrid in 1988, Devota & Lomba zoomed to stardom in 1989 and the label won the 1989 Cristóbal Balenciaga Award for the best new designers, presided by Her Majesty Queen Sofía.

That same year, Devota & Lomba debuted in Paris, and a year later in 1990, made their debut in the U.S. at the San Francisco Fashion Center. Their success in prêt-à-porter inspired Devota & Lomba to launch a bridal collection.

The year 2000 gave Devota & Lomba two milestones – the opening of the label’s first boutique boutique in Calle Castelló 14 in Madrid and Modesto Lomba was appointed President of the Association of Spanish Fashion Creators, a post that he still holds up to today.

Photos courtesy of Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week

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