Quentin Veron with models wearing his creations
Quentin Veron with models wearing his creations

PARIS, Mar 21, 2009 / FW/ — A product of his generation, 20-year-old Quentin Veron, with his vivid imagination mixed Dr. Seuss, Tim Burton and heroines of dark Victorian novels into his debut collection and thus rendering a light and youthful silhouettes with a pinch of darkness to make it more than just interesting.

From the tales of his childhood to pop culture, Quentin Veron brought to life on the runway a darkly funny spin of Beetlejuice, the lovely but evil Cruella de Vil, the sweet innocence of Snow White and Alice in Wonderland.

A dichotomy of darkness and art, Veron played with depth, volume and layers with his favorite material – fur. Utilizing finraccoon, astrakan, beaver, fox and mink, he created boleros and gilets that sweep subtle shoulders. Capes drape gracefully; while coats elegantly cover what lies beneath.

A hat, a pair of gloves, collars and even chaps err on the side of mystery. The collection is cut by a simple black silhouette amplified with intensity; a bittersweet combination of genius design and effervescent imagination.

“I create my own dark and poetic tale with my designs,” Veron says. “It’s a story were the villains of one tale become the stars of another — a fantasy where the evil and cruel are actually angelic and lovely.”

He works strictly with fur and this was his debut, his first, full collection for men and women.

Photos by Marcel Rochas, courtesy of Quentin Veron

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