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DALLAS, Mar 30, 2009 / FW/ — According to a recent survey by Xmo Strata, one of the leading sign installation and maintenance firms in the UK, British retail managers believe the effect of poor signage is commercially damaging.

Yet, despite that belief, only 28% of the survey group said their company had a sign maintenance program; hence, retail signage, though it generally helps in making sales, is neglected despite the recession.

100% of the managers questioned in the survey felt that poor signage was “damaging” or “very damaging” in terms of revenue and footfall. “Poor signage” included dirty signs, fluorescent tube failure, damage to the sign etc.

The same survey group thought that signage was as important as special offers and promotions, the web, PoS and advertising in helping them to survive a recession.

Retail managers believe that poor signage will hit footfall fairly quickly and the ideal is not to have damaged signs at all. If proactive maintenance contracts are put in place, problems will be dealt with cost-effectively at an early stage, when they are barely discernible to the public.

Hence, during this global credit crisis, retailers should leverage maximum value from the existing assets by using maintenance programs to prolong the life of the sign and keep elderly signs looking bright, clean and fresh.

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