Veronique Branquinho Fall 2009
Veronique Branquinho Fall 2009

PARIS, Mar 10, 2009 / FW/ — In the movie “I, Robot,” it was a poignant moment when Detective Del Spooner played by Will Smith tells Dr. Susan Calvin played by Bridget Monayhan, ‘You are the smartest smart person I know.’ The same could be said about Veronique Branquinho, who is perhaps the “woman’s woman designer” for our generation.

For Fall 2009, Veronique Branquinho sent out a minimalist collection in the sense that there is very little hardware. Using draping, ruching and her great tailoring skills, Branquinho proposed a pullover shawl, sheath dresses, pleated schoolgirl skirts, winter coats with hidden placket and adorned with fur for both warmth and style.

It is in this seeming simplicity that made the collection forward looking without the tag of futurism.


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