BARCELONA, Apr 6, 2009 / FW/ — Laura Figueras, the founder of the firm, bambi by laura, was born in Barcelona in 1980 and is one of the new faces on the current fashion scene.

Laura Figueras
Laura Figueras

In 2002, Laura Figueras’ talent attracted the attention of Preen, which offered her work in its London studio. She has also designed for Women’s Secret and The Point. She created the costumes for singer Ana Torroja’s most recent tour and is currently working on a line of clothes for the London-based company Topshop.

Bambi by Laura is sold all over the world, in shops such as Pineal Eye in London and Tokyo, Faline Tokyo, YMF Tokyo, Olga Stores in Paris, Dernier Cri in New York, and Mucha Canela in Spain. She has been featured in a wide range of publications, including i-D, Vogue, Crash, Purple, WAD, Flux, NEO2, Madame Figaro Japan, Nylon, Nylon Japan, Collezioni and Mood.


SEVEN for SEVEN with Laura Figueras

  • What is fashion for?

Fashion tells people who you are, and who you want to be…. It’s the ultimate form of self expression. And it keeps you warm on cold winter days.

  • If you were not a fashion designer, what would you be?

Probably a singer. I always wanted to be on the stage, and i’ve got a great voice.

  • What are you proud of ?

I’m proud to be running my own label Bambi by Laura, it’s not easy but all the effort is worth it.

  • What are you ashamed of?

I can’t tell you. But it’s bad.

  • If you could keep just one garment or accessory, which one would you pick?

Ooh, that’s difficult. I think it would have to be the ring that my boyfriend gave me to propose with. It’s a children’s ring, it costs around 2euros I think… and I love it.

  • What do you no longer believe in?

Fairies, politics, and people who tell me they have already paid…

  • What do you still believe in?

The power of love. A force from above.


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