Groenlandia by Jesus Lorenzo Fall 2009
Groenlandia by Jesus Lorenzo Fall 2009

MADRID, Apr 3, 2009 / FW/ — A holistic collection which makes a firm commitment to the daily and functional use of fur (street luxury) and to moments of sophistication (luxury look) during which fur is the stellar protagonist.

Groenlandia has created a burst of colour to face the crisis: mauves and electric blues reappear forcefully and pale pink plays a prominent role. Furthermore, the weight of the collection falls on top-quality materials: American minks, sables, lynxes and breitschwanzs.

This fur firm incorporates new technologies to lighten and waterproof coats through its innovative laminating technology, which is used to make the lightest reversible coats on the market.

All this research into fabrics and designs can be felt on the street: the new trends proposed by Groenlandia for this year are much more comfortable and versatile, ranging from short, very urban garments to the long-haired luxury look, including reversible vests and coats which serve a dual purpose.

Photos courtesy of Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week

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