BARCELONA, Apr 13, 2009  UPDATED FEB 10, 2010/ FW/ — Míriam Ponsa began her professional career in the workshop of her great-grandmother, the founder of the Ponsa factory, which manufactured haberdashery.

Designer Miriam Ponsa (L) at 080 Barcelona Fall 2009
Designer Miriam Ponsa (L) at 080 Barcelona Fall 2009

After studying design in Southampton and Barcelona, she transformed the family factory into the workshop in which she currently puts together her collections.

For the designer, fashion is the result of ongoing research, which comes from her own experience and the flow of her subconscious.

Ponsa has recently opened a new boutique in Manresa, but has a significant presence on international markets, which represent 80% of her sales. These markets include Japan, the Netherlands, the USA, Norway, France, Luxembourg, Denmark, Italy and Saudi Arabia.

The brand collections are present at the leading international trade fairs, such as the International Fashion Fair in Tokyo and the Prêt à Porter and Workshop in Paris. She plans to take her work to the Prestige Fair at the Dubai World Centre in the United Arab Emirates.


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