Miriam Ponsa Fall 2009
Miriam Ponsa Fall 2009

BARCELONA, Apr 13, 2009 / FW/ — On her press notes, Miriam Ponsa wrote:

The title of this collection refers to the name of my daughter, who was born at the same time as the collection. My pregnancy coincided with the development of this new collection, which was created in order to design practical working clothes.

The clearly industrial image brings together fabrics such as worn denim, garment-dyed double cottons, elastic serge and checked wools. The austere look of this collection combines subdued colors in grey, green and brown tones, which add to the old factory air so typical of us.

The knitted garments combine fabrics of different colors and materials, as if they were experiments. The mohair gives the collection an air of warmth and combines with the cotton/wool yarn to add comfort.

The Bruna collection seeks to produce practical pieces that enable ease of movement at work as well as being exclusive garments. The uniform no longer has a single function and becomes an individual garment that is defined for its purpose.

We have carried out experiments at our laboratory with latex and plaster applied to garments as a result of our desire to play around with new materials and achieve unexpected effects.

As happened with Bruna, I need to create new formats that come from me, through my body and person.

Photo by Biel Sol

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