Priscilla of Boston Spring 2010
Priscilla of Boston Spring 2010

NEW YORK, Apr 11, 2009 / FW/ — Currently designed by Dallas-native Tracy Uomoleale, Priscilla of Boston continues to evolve under her creative helm and the Spring 2010 collection is a great example why Priscilla of Boston wedding ensembles continues to be the choice of future brides.

Organic shapes and couture elements like dimensional accents like crystal beading and lace appliqués, Tracy Uomoleale wants the bride to feel more than just special on her wedding day. Tracy wants her to truly feel the phrase ‘today is the beginning of the rest of your life.’

Using couture techniques, Tracy Uomoleale added texture by cutting and draping the fabric in different ways to create surface interest and a beautiful shape. Giving a nod to the lighter, more natural flowing silhouettes that show off the figure, Tracy Uomoleale once again used couture techniques to achieve that fine balance between tradition and modernity.


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