Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture Fall 2009PARIS, Jul 9, 2009 / FW/ — Cameras flashed as we exited from the car in front of 325 rue Saint Martin. Paparazzi were everywhere, stalking the entrance and waiting for the big money shot of a famous celeb.

If they were going to be anywhere, it was at Gaultier’s showing; Kylie Minogue and Mikey Rouke were two familiar faces in the swarm of people inside. But the real starlets were on stage with each model styled as a different silver-screen legend; Bardot, Hepburns, and Harlow to name a few.

This was one of those shows that were all about theatrics- literally; the runway began with a huge stage with curtains, lights, and even the 20th Century fox opening music. But Gaultier didn’t need any of it; the pieces truly spoke for themselves.

The architectural one-pieces with exaggerated hips and shoulders (think Beyonce as Sasha Fierce) were impeccable, especially the metallic look with the glorious camel-colored fur coat. There was a stitched-together crocodile mosaic skirt suit that was a perfect example of what haute couture is all about.

And leave it to Gaultier to bring back overalls- of blue croc or drenched in sequins and flowing like evening gowns, natch.

I also must mention the black pantsuits tailored to perfection, demure yet memorable amongst the other looks due to their flawless silhouettes. The show left me with a couture high, it was hard to concentrate at the shows following with visions of Gaultier dancing in my head.


Paris Haute Couture Fall 2009