MADRID, Oct 23, 2010 / — With an though provoking title “Petalone” (the result of combining the words “Petalo” and “Alone”), Lluis Corujo unveiled his Spring 2011 collection last September 17th at Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week.

“Pétalo” or petal, because the collection is inspired by the very often frustrated attempt of the human being to imitate nature.

The garments that make up the collection, which are mostly top quality and handmade, and closer to couture than to prêt-à-porter, aim to imitate some of the natural elements that fascinate the designer, such as star constellations, flower petals, minerals and human hair.

“Alone” because this is the first time that he has shown a collection solo, without the help or supervision of teachers and the guidelines of work colleagues.

Furthermore, the period in which the collection was conceived and masterminded coincided with a sentimental and emotional loneliness which he had never experienced before and the aim of this collection was to attempt to fill the emptiness that this loneliness had left.

Photos courtesy of Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week

Madrid Fashion Week Spring 2011