MILAN, Sep 25, 2009 / FW/ — It is always a pleasure to attend a Les Copains show; the label continues to innovate every season and Spring 2010 runs true to form with the proposed structured knits and layered accordion pleats.

Les Copains Spring 2010

Knitwear is a specialty to begin with; when you play with its structure by adding rigidity to it while making it a flounce skirt… well, I guess you already understand that to execute that is an engineering feat.

Then of course, there is the traditional layering and draping which were made more interesting with the use of accordion pleats. Texture was already there and layering them like ruffles made it doubly interesting.

And the garrison caps? It seems to be the must-have accessory proposed by Les Copains this season. Depending on one’s life experience, the garrison cap can signify the military, being a girl scout, or even a chef.

Let’s use the chicest reason for them – because the caps are cute and let’s face it, just add drama to the whole thing.