MILAN, Sep 26, 2009 / FW/ — After his signature sexy looks in his youthful line Just Cavalli, designer Robert Cavalli did a 180-degree turn and proposed romantic looks with his eponymous line.

Roberto Cavalli Spring 2010

With rattan chairs and raffia roof complete with pink and blue wisteria vine, Roberto Cavalli created a seaside garden setting that can easily be in the Italian or French Riviera, even on any of the states in the American Atlantic seaboard.

Opening with a floral chiffon apron dress that was worn over a tuxedo shirt and pinstripe trousers, then finished off with a suit jacket, it was a romantic Victor/Victoria rolled into one.

The soft and fluid looks continued in the whole collection; the famed Roberto Cavalli sassiness remained hidden behind the demure necklines and natural makeup. It’s like seeing Roberto Cavalli in a parallel universe. It’s the same but different… and you know what… I LIKE IT!