PARIS, Oct 3, 2009 / FW/ — If the title is confusing, it’s because we are talking about Bernhard Willhelm who after all these years can still make me think twice before writing down anything.

Bernhard Willhelm Spring 2010

That said, I would also like to disclose that he is one of my favorite designers here in Paris and I have to see his show or the season will not be complete. Willhelm who is zany, cookie, even insane, (which by the way translates to uber cool in the current youth parlance) continues to hold the interest of his cult followers, though since last season, he has also been catching the eye of the fashion forward yet still mainstream fashionista.

Take this season for example – tie-dyed tunics, frocks and shift dresses are mixed with camouflage shorts, trousers and jacket. It’s like Mother Earth meets Greek goddess of harvest Demeter and G.I. Jane. Sounds incongruent? Not really; because in that zany kind of way, Bernhard Willhelm makes it all work.