El Delgado Buil Spring 2010MADRID, Oct 29, 2009 / — Inspired by the majorette, Anna Figuera and Macarena Ramos, the designers behind El Delgado Buil brought the baton twirling ladies on the runway as they reinterpreted their habitual youth and freshness.

Maintaining the origin of the street parades to the sound of the orchestra in local fiestas and referencing more the French’s rhythms, the majorette’s outfits highlight the female silhouette with daring transparencies,

Flounces, stars and hearts will be essential in this freshness and creativity-filled collection, coupled with sailor stripes.

Soft, delicate, dusty colors will be the protagonists that give the collection a very romantic, feminine air.

Copper will afford a touch of solid color contrasting with the shades above.