Maria Escote Spring 2010MADRID, Oct 22, 2009 / FW/ — It was a man meets woman scenario, Maria Escote’s Spring 2010 collection. It was the story of Natacha, who was having wine with the ambassador, who just happened to be her date that evening.

Around her, the jet-set of that small but ancient country discussed their comfortable, boring lives, without realizing they were dining with the most dangerous spy ever known. Her eyes, two infallible, telescopic sights, looked at him in one way, but her calculating head acted in another.

Without realizing it, he talked and talked fascinated by Natacha, a woman who was a mortal weapon who had never failed in a mission, just like her colleagues. They were an ancient clan of female spies. Perfect machines that had successfully completed their missions throughout history.

Natacha formed part of this and was about to use her weapons… and obviously her most important weapon was her beauty, a beauty which made her infallible.

The senior dignitary stopped talking, Natacha leaned over him and kissed his very dry lips, and then she got up and left the exclusive restaurant.

All the diners were able to admire her body which moved calmly and impassively; it was impossible to tell that she had just murdered another man in the subtlest way, with an embrace. With a kiss, a poisoned kiss…

Natacha, the spy – no-one knows where she is from, where she is or obviously where she is going to be.