National Dress Festival at Art Week Style.uzPARIS, Oct 17, 2009 / FW/ — One of the central events of Art Week, the National Dress Festival goes for an Eastern theme this season.

For 2009, the National Dress Festival provides the audience with a chance to see Middle Asian East in all its beauty – silk and gold-cloth, intricate embroidery styles, and original twist of jewelry.

This is indeed an extremely exciting and beautiful show in professional fashion event point of view.

Original Uzbek costumes are introduced in an unusual and contemporary way.

It is a unique chance to picture a full landscape of Uzbek costume aesthetic diversity due to the geographical factor of participants that are from all Uzbekistan regions.

The Festival opens new names, provides further support for stylists, motivates towards a new discoveries, toward a mixture of styles and traditions in an actualized national collections context.

Commenting on the importance of the National Dress Festival, Gulnara Karimova, Art Week Style.Uz organizer said, “Personally I always put a lot of hope in UNDERGROUND fashion show and the National Dress Festival. It is because these events are about new ideas, youth and energy. This is what is going to live.”