DALLAS, Oct 28, 2009 / FW/ — Raising its coolness factor to juniors and teens, JCPenney is launching Olsenboye, an exclusive new Juniors brand created by the famous twins, Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen.

Previewing the line for a limited time on www.jcp.com and in select JCPenney stores beginning November 6, JCPenney and the Olsen twins are hoping to create enough buzz for the full launch of Olsenboye set in spring 2010.

Interestingly enough, the target market for Olsenboye practically grew up with Mary-Kate and Ashley; hence there is already an existing connection between them. Expanding that connection into a one-on-one relationship to make it a successful label will be done by delivering trend-based fashion at affordable prices.

“Mary-Kate and I watch current trends and see our partnership with JCPenney as an opportunity to add something unique to the marketplace, especially in the current retail climate,” said Ashley Olsen.

Inspired by teen trends from cities around the world, each travel-themed collection of Olsenboye will highlight different cities, providing the Juniors customer constant merchandise changes with fun, spirited and edgy styles featuring a wholesome feel.

Falling into JCPenney’s “good” and “better” pricing tiers, items in the collection – which includes denim, bottoms, tops, dresses, skirts, shorts, jackets, handbags and shoes – will retail from $20-$50 and can be mixed together to create an array of unique looks that allow teens to express their personalities and celebrate their journey through life with fashion.

In-store, the brand’s travel theme will be highlighted with store sets incorporating travel trunks as well as signage featuring passport stamps and luggage stickers.

To market Olsenboye to the Juniors customer, Dualstar Entertainment Group and JCPenney have created a unique launch experience using social networking and pop-up stores.

“Ashley and I felt strongly about creating a unique experience to reach the teen customer, using relevant marketing strategies that would effectively reach this key customer demographic,” said Mary-Kate Olsen.

Along with broadcast spots, magazine print ads, direct mail pieces and more, the launch of the brand will also be supported by a strong interactive digital campaign that will leverage JCPenney’s teen hub on jcp.com (www.jcp.com/teen), JCPenney’s teen Facebook page (www.facebook.com/jcpteen) and Twitter, along with viral videos and even an Olsenboye theme song.

To build momentum for the brand before it launches this spring, a small selection of items from the brand will be available for a limited time in 50 JCPenney stores and on jcp.com beginning November 6.

The preview collection will be promoted digitally through a teaser video on Olsenboye.com that will feature relatable teen characters that embody the Olsenboye lifestyle; through an Olsenboye “mobile shop” driven around New York City offering consumers a chance to experience the brand and purchase merchandise before the launch; and also through guerilla marketing tactics including distributing Olsenboye pins, balloons and bracelets throughout New York City directing consumers to Olsenboye.com.


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