Hengki KJAKARTA, Nov 16, 2009 / FW – Unveiling his latest collection for Hengki K. line entitled “Unlimited Paradise” at the APPMI Show 1 yesterday, Hengki Kawailarang proposed eclectic silhouettes using Indonesia’s traditional textiles.

With a very modern approach to fashion, Hengki Kawailarang can be classified as an edgy designer in a country where tradition and convention are a way of life. Kawailarang’s use of Indonesia’s long-established textiles makes the collection very interesting and also appealing.

After studying fashion at PPDB, Susan Budihardjo Fashion Design School and Singapore, Hengki Kawilarang launched his own label in 2001. His previous experiences include working as an assistant to Diag Prass Bandung and Ferry Sunarto as well as designer for PT.Gilang Kreasi Tunggal by Prajudy.

Hengki Kawilarang was a finalist at Concours International Paris, a runner up at the International Bridalwear Design Competition and semifinalist at the Mercedes Benz Fashion.

Hengki Kawailarang (Owner/Designer)
Tebet Barat VI-F No.13, Tebet Jakarta Selatan
Tel + 62 21 8301711 / + 62 878 85993950