bibian_blueF1064BARCELONA, Feb 7, 2010 / — Inspired by the Lowbrow Art Movement Surreal Pop Art and its surrounding culture, Bibian Blue used black as a central hue, and combined it with beige, white and dusty rose pinks to endow the garments with a frivolous childish air.

The clothing is perversely naïf, corsets being the basic item of this Collection, which have been playfully shaped to offer new more fanciful and feminine volumes.

This trend is strongly influenced by Underground Comix, Hot Rod culture, Classical Painting, Tattoos, Pin up Girls, almost kitsch Religious Art, Victorian dolls, fetish-punk and satire toys full of mischief.

Earthly patterns for surreal shapes, feathers in a broken fashion combined with tulle to give a better Underground impression and even rivets and metallic buckles for the most punk style garments.

Ruffs for the collar necks, skirts and cuffs; matching spats and bustles; silk lace and white lace; leather and gauze; bellowed sleeves and skirts; unique items made of crochet; heart-shaped badges; accessories made of latex; surreal headdresses fit with animal horns and skulls; and photo-frames illustrated by several artists, all of them outlined and inspired on the styling and cosmetology found inside the 1940’s Comic culture and the 1920’s dolls.

Photos courtesy of 080 Barcelona