JAKARTA, INDONESIA – NOVEMBER 17: A model showcases designs on the runway by Merdi Sihombing as part of his collection show on day four of Jakarta Fashion Week 2009 at the Fashion Tent, Pacific Place on November 17, 2009 in Jakarta, Indonesia. (Photo by Ulet Ifansasti/Getty Images) Day 4 of Jakarta Fashion Week 09/10 is a particularly exhilarating one with its lineup of amazingly talented young designers. ESMOD Jakarta gathered 9 of their alumni and put together a show, which gave everyone a glimpse of what the future of Indonesian fashion would look if these talents were allowed to blossom. Even though Indonesia’s senior designers are superb couturiers, most Indonesians do not have access to their work unless by special appointment. These vibrant young designers respond to a growing demand for more Ready To Wear lines for the sophisticated young market in need of fashionable yet practical style solutions to accommodate their daily activities.
One of the standouts was Sapto whose collection was pure couture. Inspired by Joan of Arc, his finale piece was a structured armor covered with tiered fringe?a perfect and befitting illustration of his immaculate craftsmanship. Another designer who drew loud applause was Evelyn Fransiska, who invoked Roman grandeur in her collection. It was brilliantly styled and curated?a testament to the maturity of her vision and creative direction. Following the ESMOD Jakarta show was a showcase of another three emerging young designers sponsored by Mazda: Stella Rissa, Jeffrey Tan and Mel Ayhar. Each of them presented distinctive collections that reflect their individual styles and they did so confidently. Rissa?s pastel colors were unabashedly feminine while Tan?s sexy nuns were bold and unafraid of their sexuality.